Data for Social Justice Symposium

Cultivating Data Literacy and a Discerning Eye for Truth and Justice

POSTPONED to 2020-2021

Inspired by the Data for Black Lives Symposium hosted at MIT, several groups across campus are working on an interdisciplinary symposium this Spring: Data for Social Justice. This day-long program aims to examine the role that data takes in our lives, from the micro realm of personal data and privacy, to the use of data to both justify and expose problematic policing practices in communities of color. We use information in a variety of ways and hope to cultivate a data literacy in all of our young people. Engaging in, learning about and discussing the different ways in which data is collected, analyzed, and used we aim to examine some of the most pressing issues of our time: voter disenfranchisement, swaying of elections, policing, systemic injustice, etc. to frame issues and reflect on improving healthcare systems, impacting cultural change and more. Understanding the role and utilization of data also calls for a strong analysis on limitations, bias, and ethical considerations.


Lauren Klein and Catherine D’ Ignazio, Authors of Data Feminism & Rashida Richardson, Director of Policy Research, AI NOW

Fireside Chat with Alumna Brittany Kaiser ’05

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