Meet the Team

Recently, a colleague recalled the idea of windows and mirrors as a practice we ought to imbed our thinking as educators. It’s a concept first coined by Emily Styles from the National SEED (Seeking Education Equity and Diversity) Project. From the moment I first learned about windows and mirrors, I thought about CaMD and what we aim to do and be for our young people. A mirror, so they might see themselves and their experiences reflected back to them in a manner that affirms their identities and a window so that we are also learning and validating experiences outside of our own. Both are important for a school that is clear about the merits and importance of being an intentionally diverse community.

Members of the CaMD team sit and stand around laughing and looking at each other.

CaMD is proud to be home to over 30 clubs, organizations and affinity groups, all of which are exploring various aspects of identity. We’re fortunate to have a team of seven that reside in our office and also intersect with the biology, English, physical education and college counseling departments as well as residential life, athletics and more. Our work is aided by our extended network of faculty advisors who support our student groups and, of course, our wonderful student leaders who commit to providing a space for members to openly and honestly discuss issues pertaining to their group.

Throughout the year, these groups and our office hosts a range of speakers and offer a number of leadership diversity trainings. We hope our blog will give you an opportunity to engage us, follow the work, understand a bit more, and open both a window and mirror for you as well.

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