CaMD hosts 7th Annual Social Justice Leadership Institute

SJLI 2019

Students tap into their capacity to be change agents on their respective campuses

This fall, CaMD hosted our annual Social Justice Leadership Institute, led by Boston Mobilization, a grassroots youth organizing non-profit. Focused on identity development, expanded political analysis, personal leadership skills and network transformation tools, SJLI supports student as they acquire a deeper understanding of how systems of race, class, gender and sexuality impact their lives and the lives of their peers. The Institute originated at Andover over 6 years ago and has since been attended by hundreds of students from various independent schools.

This interactive weekend retreat joins together student leaders from New England independent schools to learn, connect and take action with the support of Boston Mobilization’s experienced team. The most powerful outcome of SJLI is the justice work that students bring back to their respective schools. Students who have expressed a desire to brush up on their facilitation skills as well as their understanding of identity, systems, and other institutional –isms are the target audience. We remain committed to developing youth leadership for equity and are thankful for the opportunity to do this important work on our campus. 

What did students gain?

  • An expanded understanding of how systems of race, class, gender and sexuality impact them and their peers
  • A working definition of ally/accomplice and opportunities to dig deeper into every day behaviors/actions
  • An affinity space to explore one’s racial, gender, and sexual identity  
  • Space to articulate what one needs and is willing to give for a more equitable and just society
  • A set of tools to address microaggressions and other interpersonal forms of oppression
  • Skills to take on increased leadership roles within their school community
  • An appreciation for the power of storytelling/practice telling one’s story
  • Access to a larger network of social justice leaders within the AISNE schools

Ioanna Ninos ’21 and Nnenna Okorie ’22, members of SLAM, remix one of our group chants to a SLAM step!

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