Children of Refugees: Reclamation and the Courage to Tell Our Stories

Tenzin Sharlung ’20
Faculty Advisor: Lilia Cai-Hurteau
December 13, 2019

What are the unique struggles of children of refugees in this country? In her research project entitled, “Children of Refugees: Reclamation and the Courage to Tell Our Stories,” Sharlung, ’20, centers stories from the Tibetan community in Boston as well as other young people on the Andover campus. Sharlung’s research begins with an examination of the flaws in resettlement efforts that led to cycles of poverty and oppression. Her work focuses on Southeast Asian refugees and their children; generally speaking, refugee communities are under-researched, leading to a collective historic amnesia. The stories in her paper call for an intersectional lens on these issues. The stories also highlight how intergenerational trauma perpetuates the erasure and oppression of this community.

This workshop will underscore the structural inequities that this community of people faces within majority white institutions such as Phillips Academy. Sharlung hopes this workshop will begin a long-term conversation and problem-solving effort towards equity and inclusion for children of refugees — and for many other underrepresented minorities.

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