2 (Mon) Labor Day – New International Students Register
3 (Tues) CAMD Open House 
9 (Mon) Ashura (begins sundown on Sept 9)
13 (Fri) AfLatAm Mixer (5pm)
15 (Sun) Latino Heritage Month Begins
20 (Fri) AWE Faculty Mixer
22 (Sun) Annual AMP Bowling Trip (12:30-4:00)
27 (Fri) Alianza Student Faculty Mixer 
29-Oct 1 (Sun-Tues) Rosh Hashanah (begins sundown Sept 29)
29 (Sun) Host Family Potluck Dinner; 4:30-6:00pm (Davis Hall, McKeen)


4 (Fri) Salsa Night (Latino Heritage Month)
4 (Fri) Performance of “My Name Is Opukahaia” 7pm (Kemper) and Alumni Panel
4 (Fri) Affinity only Potluck (Latinx Heritage Month)
5 (Sat) Alianza Regional Dance
6 (Sun) Coco Screening in Kemper 
8 (Tues) Dussehra (Hindu holiday)
8-9 (Tues-Weds) Yom Kippur (Begins at Sundown on Oct 8)
13-20 (Sun-Sun) Sukkot (begins at Sundown on Oct 13)
11 (Fri) National Coming Out Day
11 (Fri) International Day of the Girl
11 (Fri) NAPA Speaker: Adrienne Keene: Indigenous Activism 
14 (Mon) Indigenous People’s Day
15 (Tues) First Annual Open Door Meeting (Alianza Latina)
18 (Fri) Family Weekend Speaker: Tony Jack
18 (Fri) Family Weekend CAMD Open House
26-27 (Sat-Sun) GSA Pride Weekend
27 (Sun) AWE Speaker Series: Dr. Liza Talusan  
27 (Sun) Diwali
30 (Wed) International All School Dinner; 5-7pm (Paresky Commons) 


1–30 Native American Heritage Month
1 (Fri) All Saints Day
2 (Sat) All Souls Day
2 (Sat) Social Justice Leadership Institute 1.0
2 (Sat) International Food Bazaar; 5-7pm (GW Mail Room Lobby)
2 (Sat) International Culture Show; 7-8:30pm (Kemper Auditorium)  
9-10 (Sat-Sun) Mawlid al-Nabi (begins sundown Nov 9)
11 (Mon) Veteran’s Day
15 (Fri) CAMD Scholar Presentation – Chioma Ugwonali, ’20, “Killing Us Softly: The Impact of Stereotypes, Stress, and Diet on the Academic Performance of Low-Income Black and Latinx Students.”; 6:30pm (Kemper Auditorium)
17 (Sun) AfLatAm Faculty/Student Mixer
18-22 (Mon-Fri) International Education Week


4-7 (Weds-Sat) NAIS/PoCC – Seattle, Washington
13 (Fri) CAMD Scholar Presentation Tenzin Sharlung, ’20, “Children of Refugees: Reclamation and the Courage to Tell Our Stories.” (6:30 pm Kemper)
(19- Jan 5 (Fri-Mon) Winter Vacation
22-30 (Sun-Mon) Hanukkah (Begins at sundown on Dec. 22)


1 (Weds) New Year’s Day*
2 (Thurs) Bodhi Day
12-18 (Sun-Sat) Mixed Heritage Awareness Week 
12 (Sun) Mixed-ish Screening (1pm CaMD) 
14 (Tues) All School Dinner – Mosaic (5-7pm Paresky Commons)
17 (Fri) Voices From Mixed Asian America – film screening, hosted by MJ Engel ’13 (6:30pm Underwood Room)
17 (Fri) IClub Log Cabin Sleepover; 8pm (Log Cabin)
26-Feb 11 GeograBee2020 (School wide contest at dorm, cluster and all-school final level)
20 (Mon) MLK Day Keynote: Nikki Giovanni
20 (Mon) BLC CAMD Scholar Presentation: Aissata Bah, ’20, “Disempowered in Black Power? Black Women’s Contributions to Activist Movements.” (6:30 PM Kemper)
25 (Sat) Lunar New Year Begins
24-26 (Fri-Sat) Jewish Cultural Weekend


2 (Sun) ACSA Interschool Lunar New Year Event 
5 (Wed) Jeronimo Screening – Joseph Juhn’s screening of Korean Cuban revolutionary Jeronimo (6-8pm Kemper) 
7 (Fri) CAMD Scholar Presentation by Jeffrey Steele, ’20, “The Digital Mirror: How Minority Focused Casts are Revolutionizing Representation in Television.” (6:30 pm Kemper)
1-7 (Sat-Fri) World Interfaith Harmony Weekend 
8 (Sat) Nirvana Day
14 (Fri) Youth From Every Quarter Speaker: William Tong ‘91
14 (Fri) Black Arts Speaker: Dr. Angela Davis (7pm, Cochran Chapel)
14-16 (Fri-Sun) Black Arts Weekend (Kemper, Underwood, Fri & Sat, 4:30-10 PM)*
26 (Weds) Ash Wednesday 
28 (Fri) How to be an Anti-Racist: Ibram Kendi, Kemper Auditorium 


10 (Tues) Holi
28-29 Data For Social Justice Symposium (POSTPONED)
31 (Tues) Transgender Day of Visibility  


5 (Sun) Palm Sunday
8-16 (Wed-Thurs) Passover (begins sundown Apr 8)
12 (Sun) Easter Sunday
20-21 (Mon-Tues) Yom Hashoah (begins sundown April 20)23 (THU)-May 23 Ramadan (Begins Sundown April 23)
24 (Fri) CAMD Scholar Presentation Natalie Shen, ’20, “The Effects of (Mis)Representation in American Mainstream Visual Media on Asian American Youth.” (8pm, ZOOM) Guest Speaker: Kawai Lai
29 (WED) Yom Ha’atzmaut 


8 (Fri) CAMD Scholar Presentation Karen Sun, ’20, “A Devil’s Advocate to God’s Advocates: Religious Language in American Presidential Campaigns.” (8pm, ZOOM)

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