Six students participate in NAIS’ Student Diversity Leadership Conference

With the Fierce Urgency of Now.

SDLC 2019

Over 1000 high schools students descended on Seattle for NAIS’ Annual Student Diversity Leadership Conference. This year’s theme: With the Fierce Urgency of Now., served as a rallying point for these young leaders, all of whom were invested in exploring their own identities, building their skills as change agents on their campus, and expanding their network through connections with other students working toward similar goals at their own schools.

Andover’s cohort represents a diverse cross-section of our community. They are prefects, dancers, co-heads of International Club, Alianza Latina, the AfLatAm Mentoring Program and the Brace Board, actors, domestic and international students, and so much more. But, they all represent a group of students who are thinking critically about their role in making Andover a truly equitable place. Over the course of three days, they attended a series of workshops, affinity groups, and keynote speakers. Though their days started at 6:30 a.m and ended around 1 a.m, they embraced fully embraced the experience.

At the close of the program, they led over 20 of Andover’s faculty in a workshop, exploring the ways own identity affects the ways we show up (or don’t) for justice. They challenged us to think about how we show up for our peers and students in the true spirit of allyship. Upon returning to Andover, they facilitated a workshop for their peers on MLK Day entitled A Look Within: An Exploration of our Core Identities and have led a series of meetings for the Sisterhood and WoFo on intergenerational trauma, inspired by the conference keynote speaker: Dr. Joy DeGruy.

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