Sticky Belonging: Hegemonic Gazes and the Taming of Queer Asian American Identities

Mary Muromcew, ’21

CAMD Scholar
Faculty Advisor: MJ Wong Engel, Fellow in English

What does it mean to belong as a queer Asian American in the United States? Whose terms is their belonging really on? To answer these questions, Mary Muromcew ‘22’s research employs a historical lens to explore how queer Asian Americans navigate belonging in the State, the Asian American community, and the LGBTQ+ community, or what she calls “Places of Belonging.” During her presentation, Muromcew will show how the identity of a US citizen is rooted in whiteness and heterosexuality, and how legal strategies of belonging used by the Asian American and LGBTQ+ communities only further ostracize queer Asian Americans. Muromcew will utilize terms and theories such as hegemonic gaze, interest-convergence theory, and racial triangulation to confront a history which has made belonging conditional and ephemeral.

Watch Mary’s presentation here!
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