The Liberation Collective

The Liberation Collective met for five weeks in plenary sessions, family groups, and affinity spaces to expand our political imaginary. The purpose of our learning-for-action group is to build coalition, deepen our political analysis through reading and discussion, and reflect on our relationships to and roles in movement building. For our yearlong students, it’s also a deep-level training for the social-justice-oriented work that you will do as leaders in your student groups and organizations next year. 

Together we explored 5 questions, used by BYP 100 and framed by then founding national director, Charlene Carruthers:  (1) Who am I? (2) Who are my people? (3) What do we want? (4) What are we building? (5) Are we ready to win? 

Our family groups were led by TA’s Amiri Tulloch ‘17, Alma Sterling ‘18, Emma Slibeck ‘20, Andrew Wang, Emily Ndiokho ’18, Karen Sun ‘20 and Brandon Burke  & Micah Daniels (MS^2 alumni).

Plenary Speakers:
Anthony Perry, Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at the Lab School
Asabe Poloma
Kay Heffernan
Benji Hart

Reading/Podcasts included:

Pod Mapping Graphics provided by Bay Area Transformative Justice Collective

BATJC Pods 101 Webinar (Illustrated by Tracy Nguyen – @Hellafly.Graphics)

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