In Solidarity with our AAPI Community

A Message from CAMD Director, LaShawn Springer

In the past couple of weeks there has been a marked increase in anti-Asian violence, particularly targeting elders in the community. Most of the coverage of these instances have been through social media and much of this labor has been by AAPI communities on the ground. Organizations like Stand Against Hate & Stop AAPI Hate have been documenting these stories. Attempts to amplify to national news media underscore the troubling silence surrounding anti-Asian racism—not just during COVID but historically. 

CAMD has reached out to our AAPI community to offer our support and share resources with students. We continue to be grateful for the many adults and students who have offered space for processing while also tending to their own care. Resources have been circulating thru various means but we are sharing a couple more, including those compiled at AAPI Women Lead and a conversation between Dr. Jenny Wang and Michelle Kim titled: Solidarity for Asians: Grief, Rage and Growth that attempts to hold space for the range of emotions folx may be experiencing, while offering a nuanced understanding of community care and response. We’ve reminded our young people to listen to what their body is telling them and to pay attention to what they are carrying. We encourage all our young people to continue reaching out and also ask families to be in touch if you are hearing your student is in need of support.

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