Data for Social Justice Symposium

Cultivating Data Literacy and a Discerning Eye for Truth and Justice POSTPONED to 2020-2021 Inspired by the Data for Black Lives Symposium hosted at MIT, several groups across campus are working on an interdisciplinary symposium this Spring: Data for Social Justice. This day-long program aims to examine the role that data takes in our lives, fromContinue reading “Data for Social Justice Symposium”

Black Arts Month Keynote Speaker: Dr. Angela Davis

Standing in Awe of Dr. Angela Davis It’s hard not to be in awe of Dr. Davis. Meeting her outside of Andover’s chapel, I hardly knew what to say myself. After all, some of Dr. Davis’ books stand as some of the most transformative pieces of writings I’ve read. Escorting her to the green room,Continue reading “Black Arts Month Keynote Speaker: Dr. Angela Davis”

Indigenous People’s Day Keynote Speaker: Dr. Adrienne Keene

Native Representations, Pop Culture, and Cultural Resistance in Cyberspace Listen to Keene’s podcast with Emma Slibeck ’20 and Tomafa Tomzecke’21 below! Two years ago, Emma Slibeck ’20 and Tomafa Tomzecke ’21 founded NAPA (Natives@PA) to create a space for Indigenous students to explore their identities and carve out space for their narratives in Andover’s story.Continue reading “Indigenous People’s Day Keynote Speaker: Dr. Adrienne Keene”

Youth From Every Quarter Speaker: Attorney General William Tong ’91

Youth From Every Quarter Connecticut Attorney General William Tong’s ’91 work heavily influences by his journey to Andover Phillips Academy’s Constitution states that Andover “shall be ever equally open to Youth, of requisite qualification, from every quarter”. An ever-aspirational charge for a school founded in 1778 to educate boys during the Revolutionary War, there isContinue reading “Youth From Every Quarter Speaker: Attorney General William Tong ’91”