Projecting Power: Post-9/11 Action Films and American Imperial Values

Jerry Shu, ’21CAMD ScholarFaculty Advisor: Elizabeth Meyer, Instructor in Classics From Rome’s Aeneas to America’s Superman, stories of fictional heroes are beloved in Western culture. In recent years, those narratives have come in the form of box office-dominating action films, such as Avengers: Endgame (2019) or Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019). What makes these narratives soContinue reading “Projecting Power: Post-9/11 Action Films and American Imperial Values”

2019-2020 Speakers

Anthony Jack Author of  The Privileged Poor: How Elite Colleges are Failing Disadvantaged Students, Jack challenges colleges and universities to think about how all students can access and take full advantage of the resources on their campuses. Moved by Jack’s first visit, CAMD teamed up with the College Counseling Office kick-off Family Weekend Family WeekendContinue reading “2019-2020 Speakers”

A Devil’s Advocate to God’s Advocates: Religious Language in American Presidential Campaigns

Karen Sun ’21Faculty Advisor: Kurt PrescottMay 8th, 2020 The very first words in the American Bill of Rights establishes that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion”; in other words, separation of church and state. But how separate is our church and state really…? Is the modern Democratic Party truly the partyContinue reading “A Devil’s Advocate to God’s Advocates: Religious Language in American Presidential Campaigns”

2019-2020 CAMD Scholars

Our ’19-’20 CAMD Scholars faced a unique set of circumstances towards the end of the school year. Despite the unexpected changes to their senior year, they were resilient and completed projects that focused on investigating equity, diversity, multiculturalism, and/or social justice. Click on the titles to learn more about each project and watch presentations!

CAMD Leader Spotlight

CAMD Leader Spotlight explores the Af-Lat-Am Mentoring Program with Miles Lincoln ’21. by Zahin Ahmed The CAMD Leader Spotlight takes a look at what our Andover student leaders are accomplishing on campus. This month, we talked to Miles Lincoln, a senior from California, about his work with the Af-Lat-Am Mentoring Program (AMP) and working towardsContinue reading “CAMD Leader Spotlight”

Fall Featured Speakers

This fall our office helped welcome Dr. Bettina Love and Megan Red Shirt-Shaw to our virtual All-School Meetings by LaShawn Springer This fall, we were honored to welcome two virtual speakers to continue the conversations we initiated during our Community, Justice & Joy orientation. We kicked off the year with a commitment to prioritizing conversationsContinue reading “Fall Featured Speakers”

Election Series Workshops

CAMD took the opportunity to hold space for students to discuss and deepen their understanding of the U.S. political process during a tumultuous election year by Jose Peralta In the run-up to the election, CAMD saw an opportunity to hold space for students to deepen their understanding of the U.S. political process and civic engagementContinue reading “Election Series Workshops”

The Medical Mystery: Racial Disparities in the American Healthcare System

Irene Kwon ’21 Faculty Advisor:  Clair Dahm, Instructor in History and Social ScienceOctober 30, 2020 Can healthcare be racist? Can science be biased? These questions arise in a contemporary setting in which health outcomes are drastically different depending on the color of one’s skin. Irene Kwon ’21 will address the impact of systemic racism inContinue reading “The Medical Mystery: Racial Disparities in the American Healthcare System”

Dr. Bettina L. Love Joins us for ASM and Faculty Meeting

Dr. Bettina Love, co-founder of the Abolitionist Teaching Network (ATN), will join us for All School Meeting on Monday, September 28th and Faculty Meeting on Wednesday, September 30th. The ATN’s mission is to develop and support teachers and parents fighting injustice within their schools and communities. Dr. Love is concerned with how educators working withContinue reading “Dr. Bettina L. Love Joins us for ASM and Faculty Meeting”

CAMD Newsletter

Every other Friday, stay up-to-date with opportunities to engage: student club initiatives, guest speakers, Instagram collaborations, and more. Click here to submit your addition to the biweekly CAMD Newsletter! Issue #2Friday, May 1, 2020 This week, watch the GSA’s tribute to the Day of Silence, learn more about Brace’s virtual Take Back the Night, celebrateContinue reading “CAMD Newsletter”