30th Anniversary MLK Day Speaker: Nikki Giovanni

Nikki Giovanni Listening for the Grace Notes Every year, CAMD creates a running list of speakers─suggested by the team and community members─who we believe can speak to some of the most pressing matters of our time and ground it in historical context. We’ve intentionally centered the voices of trans and cisgender women of color, andContinue reading “30th Anniversary MLK Day Speaker: Nikki Giovanni”


MLK DAY WORKSHOPS 2020 All students participated in workshops that asked them to dig deep and think critically about what justice looks and feels like in 2020. The workshops were designed to help them reflect on their roles as community members, allies and change agents through interactive activities and discussions with their peers. Junior ProgramContinue reading “MLK DAY 2020 WORKSHOPS”

Past MLK Speakers

Past MLK Day Speakers The World Comes to Andover 2019: Patrisse Cullors Co Founder of #BlackLivesMatter; Author of When They Call You a Terrorist: A Black Lives Matter Memoir; Artist, Organizer and founder of Dignity and Power Now. 2018: Claudia Rankine Author of five collections of poetry including Citizen: An American Lyric and Don’t LetContinue reading “Past MLK Speakers”

Disempowered in Black Power? Rethinking Black Women’s Contributions to Activists Movements

Aissata Bah ’20 Faculty Advisor: Dr. Bridget Tsemo MLK Day, January 20, 2020 A quick Google search of the Black Panther Party overwhelmingly yields images of Black men, either with their fists in the air or a gun to their hand. The narratives we currently tell about Black Power are lacking in number and quality,Continue reading “Disempowered in Black Power? Rethinking Black Women’s Contributions to Activists Movements”