Projecting Power: Post-9/11 Action Films and American Imperial Values

Jerry Shu, ’21 CAMD ScholarFaculty Advisor: Elizabeth Meyer, Instructor in Classics From Rome’s Aeneas to America’s Superman, stories of fictional heroes are beloved in Western culture. In recent years, those narratives have come in the form of box office-dominating action films, such as Avengers: Endgame (2019) or Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019). What makes these narrativesContinue reading “Projecting Power: Post-9/11 Action Films and American Imperial Values”

2019-2020 Speakers

Anthony Jack Author of  The Privileged Poor: How Elite Colleges are Failing Disadvantaged Students, Jack challenges colleges and universities to think about how all students can access and take full advantage of the resources on their campuses. Moved by Jack’s first visit, CAMD teamed up with the College Counseling Office kick-off Family Weekend Family WeekendContinue reading “2019-2020 Speakers”

A Devil’s Advocate to God’s Advocates: Religious Language in American Presidential Campaigns

Karen Sun ’21Faculty Advisor: Kurt PrescottMay 8th, 2020 The very first words in the American Bill of Rights establishes that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion”; in other words, separation of church and state. But how separate is our church and state really…? Is the modern Democratic Party truly the partyContinue reading “A Devil’s Advocate to God’s Advocates: Religious Language in American Presidential Campaigns”

A Message from the CaMD Director

One of the first times I ever addressed the Andover community was following Ferguson. When news broke that the grand jury was not going to indict Darren Wilson in the killing of Mike Brown, as people took to the streets of Ferguson, Missouri and cities across the world to protest the killing of yet anotherContinue reading “A Message from the CaMD Director”


GSA@30 Looking back to look forward Founded in 1989 by Sharon Tentarelli ’90, Andover’s GSA is likely the first established group in our independent school network. Since its founding, GSA has championed the LGBTQ community at Andover and helped to create lasting and indelible change. Kicking off the weekend, Tentarelli ’90, walked the audience throughContinue reading “GSA@30”


SEPTEMBER 2 (Mon) Labor Day – New International Students Register3 (Tues) CAMD Open House 9 (Mon) Ashura (begins sundown on Sept 9)13 (Fri) AfLatAm Mixer (5pm)15 (Sun) Latino Heritage Month Begins20 (Fri) AWE Faculty Mixer22 (Sun) Annual AMP Bowling Trip (12:30-4:00)27 (Fri) Alianza Student Faculty Mixer 29-Oct 1 (Sun-Tues) Rosh Hashanah (begins sundown Sept 29)29 (Sun) HostContinue reading “CAMD YEAR IN REVIEW”

Hip Hop Youth Activism Conference

Exploring Hip Hop as an Organizing Tool The CAMD mural was created by Elevated Thought in Lawrence, MA. All conference attendees contributed to the final piece. Since it’s conception, young people have looked to hip hop as a means to examine and affirm their own identity while promoting the understanding that our individual struggles areContinue reading “Hip Hop Youth Activism Conference”

Tony Jack shares his journey with the Andover community

Tony Jack “Access Ain’t Inclusion” “Access Ain’t Inclusion” Short and to the point, that phrase has stayed with me long after Tony Jack’s visit. His book, The Privileged Poor: How Elite Colleges are Failing Disadvantaged Students, not only bares witness to the experiences of hundreds of students from poor communities but also provides a roadmapContinue reading “Tony Jack shares his journey with the Andover community”


Podcasts allow for creators tell their stories, explore ideas, and engage in meaningful discourse. Here are some of our CaMD speakers’ podcasts— All My Relations Adrienne Keene | Podcast Archive All My Relations is a podcast hosted by Matika Wilbur (Swinomish and Tulalip) and Adrienne Keene (Cherokee Nation) to explore our relationships— relationships to land,Continue reading “Podcasts”

Asian American Footsteps Conference

Asian American Footsteps Conference Educate. Empower. Embrace. Founded in 2011 by Aya Murata, then advisor to Asian/Asian American students, the Asian American Footsteps Conference proved early on to be an important and much needed space in the independent secondary school world. In that first year, keynote SuChin Park, former news correspondent for MTV, reminded studentsContinue reading “Asian American Footsteps Conference”