Meet the CAMD Team

Windows and Mirrors

Bridget Tsemo is the director of CAMD and serves as the advisor for Af Lat Am and co-advisor for AMP. She teaches African American literature to seniors each term of the school year. Bridget encourages students to explore and discover their capabilities and strengths. She also challenges them to take responsibility for their actions and subscribe to the concept of self-empowerment.

KeeShawn Murphy is a first-year teaching fellow in English. She works as a house counselor in Stimson House and will also serve as a coach for the step team SLAM in the fall and winter and an academic advisor for the affinity group, Sisterhood. Murphy is excited for the opportunity to teach and motivate young people daily. Whether it be in the classroom, dorm, or on stage, she understands how vital these high school years are in a young person’s life and is honored to be a part of it.

José Peralta is an instructor in the biology department and is also the International Student Coordinator. This year he is serving as a complementary house counselor in Pemberton Cottage and academic advisor to new international one-year seniors and PGs. In addition to nature photography, José enjoys running, baking for his students, and collecting houseplants. 

Hector Membreno-Canales is the CAMD Program Coordinator. Hector has worked with community-based organizations such as Black Veterans for Social Justice, Brooklyn College Community Partnership, and The Josephine Herrick Project to build curriculum, facilitate workshops, and increase the visibility of marginalized communities through Visual literacy. Hector teaches Photography and Visual Studies in the Art Dept. and serves as faculty-advisor to both The Brotherhood, a campus affinity group for male-identifying students of color, and Alianza Latina for Latinx identifying students at Phillips Academy.

Char Esty (she/her) is the Administrative Assistant for the CAMD office. Joining the Andover community in 2021, Char has found great joy in not only helping the team plan projects, guest speakers and student functions in pursuit of community education in E&I, but in the love and embrace of the students and CAMD team. Outside of the office, she can be found in the gym doing circuits with her FIT class, or walking the paths with her uber-friendly dog Linus.

Yuto Iwaizumi is a Second Year Fellow in French and Japanese. He serves as a house counselor in Stuart House and coaches instructional tennis in fall and spring. He is also a faculty advisor for Asian Society. Having moved to the U.S. from Japan at a young age, he is interested in thinking about language, society, diversity, and the social sciences. During his free time, he listens to music, bakes, and takes care of his houseplants. He is excited to be working with students to create an inclusive environment where students can thrive.

Corrie Martin, aka “M. Martin,” coordinates the CAMD Scholars program and serves as advisor or co-advisor to GSA, Asian Women Empowerment, Andover Writers’ Alliance, and K-Pop club. M. Martin teaches literature and writing and believes that education and art in all its diverse genres, forms, and modes of engagement, are spaces for liberation, personal and collective empowerment, community-building, and positive social change. 

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