Celebrating 30 Years

For 30 years, Andover has celebrated the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by taking the ‘day on’. Brian Gittens ’89 staged a protest on the steps of Sam Phil, playing MLK’s speeches on his boombox, to implore our community to mark the day in meaningful programming. Our MLK day program is now a hallmark celebration at Andover that involves our entire campus community (and on occasion our alumni)!

Nikki Giovanni

Listening for the Grace Notes

World Renowned Poet, Activist, Commentator Nikki Giovanni keynoted our 30th Anniversary MLK Day, 10 years after her first visit to Andover.

MLK Day Workshops

Students facilitated eighteen workshops for their peers on topics ranging from Indigenous (mis) representation to the prison industrial complex, LGBTQ slurs and climate justice.

Past MLK Day Speakers

CaMD has been fortunate to bring some of the foremost thinkers, writers, poets, commentators, and activists that have shaped our nation to interact with our community.

The Story of Brian Gittens ’89

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